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Recurring Ear Infection and Your Treatment Options

Posted by C/V ENT Surgical Group on Jan 24, 2019 5:11:49 PM

Did you know that five out of six people experience an ear infection before they turn three years old? This means the majority of the population has had a run-in with these often painful infections. While ear infections are especially common in infants and young children, they also impact adults, resulting in 30 million pediatrician visits and $2 billion in treatment cost for all those affected. 

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6 Of The Most Common Ear, Nose And Throat Problems

Posted by C/V ENT Surgical Group on Jan 24, 2019 2:06:35 PM

Your ears, nose and throat help with important functions throughout your life, so when they aren't functioning normally, it can lead to serious problems. Because these parts of your body are connected, it's important to visit an ear, nose and throat doctor (ENT) to get your condition diagnosed and treated. Read on to learn more about symptoms and treatments for the most common ear, nose and throat complaints.

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How Much Does Septoplasty Cost And Will My Insurance Cover It?

Posted by C/V ENT Surgical Group on Jan 11, 2019 4:16:42 PM

You've had trouble breathing through your nose for a long time. It often feels like something is blocking one or both of your nostrils, a sensation that persists both day and night. Not only does your nose constantly feel stuffy, but you've found yourself suffering from chronic sinus infections. Snoring and nosebleeds are commonplace in your life. Regardless of how you ended up here, you don't have to live with these symptoms forever. If the cause of your suffering is found to be a deviated septum, a septoplasty might be the solution to your problems. 

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Have Difficulty Breathing? The Answer Could Be Septoplasty.

Posted by C/V ENT Surgical Group on Dec 21, 2018 11:40:42 AM

It's a feeling some of us know all too well: congested, stuffy, obstructed breathing that leaves you gulping air through your mouth and struggling to sleep through the night. If your nose is perpetually "stuffed" — but you don't have a cold or allergies — then you've probably looked everywhere for a solution.

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5 Questions You Should Ask When You Need To Find An ENT Doctor

Posted by C/V ENT Surgical Group on Nov 13, 2018 1:07:32 PM

When most people experience physical discomfort or difficulty, the first person they consult with is their primary care physician. Your primary doctor can do a lot for you when it comes to little every-day concerns like winter colds, minor infections, and achy joints. However, if a medical concern becomes more serious, like repeated infections or an underlying problem that may require surgery, their job is to refer you to a more specialized doctor.

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How You Know It's Time to See an Ear Nose and Throat Specialist

Posted by C/V ENT Surgical Group on Nov 11, 2018 12:32:08 PM

An ear, nose, and throat doctor (ENT) is a highly-trained, medical professional that specializes in and treats a patient's ears, nose, and throat health, as well as other areas of the head and neck. ENTs, or otolaryngologists, can diagnose and treat a variety of problems and medical conditions related to these areas of the body. But what exactly can an ENT doctor treat? And how do you know you need to go see an ear, nose, throat specialist? Here you'll find everything you need to know about what an ENT does, how an ENT doctor can help with your ears, nose, and throat health, and when it's time to go see one of these specialists.

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